Can anyone tell me how to play an A major scale?

Ok, this is totally not Vex stuff. My Band teacher wanted us to play a G major scale. (I think for trumpet it is A major) Does anyone here know what notes to play? I DO NOT HAVE A CLUE, and either does the rest of the band. I hope someone can help me out there, but if not I will keep on looking online. THANKS!

i play trumpet to, ill get back to u, ill have to look in my music book

A B C# D E F# G# A. I don’t play trumpet but i know the scale.

Fingerings for trumpet should be: 12, 2, 123, open, 12, 2, 23, 12

Thanks So MUCH – You saved me there.

Your welcome.

If you have any more questions about music just ask me.:wink:

More generically, a Major Scale follows the same intervals, no mater what Note you start with…

Look at the ‘C’ Major scale on the Piano… C, D, E, F, G, A, B, & C.
If you look at each of the “white keys”, there is a “black key” between each note, EXCEPT FOR E & F and B & C. This means that there an Interval of a Whole Step between each note with a “black key” between them, and the 2 pairs of keys without a “black key”, (“E & F” & “B & C”) the interval is a Half Step.
So, using the ‘C’ Major Scale on the Piano, you see:
C → D (Whole Step)
D → E (Whole Step)
E → F ( Half Step)
F → G (Whole Step)
G → A (Whole Step)
A → B (Whole Step)
B → C ( Half Step)

Using the ‘A’ Major scale you get:
A → B (Whole Step)
B → C# (Whole Step)
C# → D ( Half Step)
D → E (Whole Step)
E → F# (Whole Step)
F# → G# (Whole Step)
G# → A ( Half Step)

Try it on the Piano to see how it works (for you Visual learners).

Minor Scales (with a Flatted 3rd and 7th) follow the pattern:
C → D (Whole Step)
D → Eb ( Half Step)
Eb → F (Whole Step)
F → G (Whole Step)
G → A (Whole Step)
A → Bb ( Half Step)
Bb → C (Whole Step)

So whatever note you begin with, you can play the Major or Minor scale, by knowing what intervals to play… Blues Scale anyone???

MarkO, player of Bb Clarinet, Eb Alto and Baritone Saxophone and Electric Bass, 4 or 5 strings. (I also can read Treble and Bass Clef)

MarkO, you should give the bass clarinet a try if ever you have the opportunity

in speaking or trumpet, i thouht i was lucky to get trumpet but its so hard! ive got like 5 notes with the same keying, very annoying with the lip tightness thing (anybody who plays trumpet know what i mean) i still cant really get the high notes (im a mouth breather only, so to blow that hard and tight really doesnt go so well)

im managing though, my teacher is constantly tracking me down and asking me to join the band…7 in the morning with 30 minutes to get there…no way!

besides im tired in the morning (using vex until 1 in the morning…literally 17 days 'till my competition and i havent got a single day to practice!):eek: :eek:

All Brass Instruments are like that… I don’t play Brass Instruments, but I own a 2 Valve Bugle and a Trombone…

Regular Band or Jazz Band?? You don’t play in band already, just by yourself…

Good for you… Great Ideas can arive at 01:00, or 02:00 or 03:00 in the AM.

I have thought about it, but I really would like to learn Flute for my next Woodwind… I think Piano will be the next instrument I learn…

lol…i can barely keep up with playing 1 instrument…although i do have a lot going on, managing an FTC team, school, paper route, vex magazine, etc…:smiley:

oh yah and my other on-going robotic project

I want to build a vex robot that can play the trumpet: one octave. Any thoughts? I know I’ll have to go outside the vex kit

I have been wanting to do that for a long time. I think that the hardest part would be making an artificial mouth/lips that can play the trumpet. What you would have to do is use an pneumatic device that blows air through the trumpet mouth piece, and can produce sound. Then, you could use the VEX equiptment to move the lips and program the robot to play a song!
I think that something like this has been done before, but I still think that it would be really cool. – If I only had the money.:frowning:

thing with this is that you dont just blow in to the trumpet you make a vibrating ‘buzzing’ type sound, i think it would be really hard to fake this, fingering = easy, artificial blowing and lip tightness = hard!!!

BTW i have thought of this too:rolleyes: