Can Autonomous mode be set to 20 seconds instead of default 15 seconds? If so, how?

We are running a summer camp and would like to lengthen autonomous mode from 15 to 20 seconds? We also want to extend teleop from 1:45 to 2:40.

Does anyone know how to do this?

You posted this in VEXCode tech support, are you trying to use vexcode for this or are you using Tournament Manager?


If you have a VEXnet competition switch, you can just set a timer on your phone and enable/disable the modes as you wish with whatever timings you want.


We would prefer to use a setting but we do not know how to access it. We are not using Tournament manager for timing.

Vexcode would work as a substitute.

We are running 2v2 so 4 robots at a time. How does the switch work with multiple robots? Do we need to be using Tournament Manager or some other software beyond just the V5 brain and controller?

The switch has 4 ports to plug controllers into, and it works independently of any sort of software. All robots plugged in would receive the same commands at the same time, so if all 4 robots are plugged in, they would start and end auton/driver control simultaneously. It’s designed to simulate 2v2 matches.


So you’re saying that all four controllers would be tethered to the switch, but still independently and wirelessly controlling individual robots? If so, cool!

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Here is the product link VEXnet Competition Switch - VEX Robotics


And if you do want to use Tournament Manager, the length of the autonomous and driver control periods can be changed in the options menu.


Yes, all 4 robots would operate independently of each other based on how they were coded, but would all operate under the same control mode (autonomous, driver, or disabled). It functions the exact same as match controllers being controlled through TM, just without needing any extra software.


Thanks to everyone for the fast and helpful responses? I have only used Tournament manager to set up practice and qualification matches. Is there additional hardware required or does the manager set up a local network for teams to connect their controllers to locally?

Can someone link me to a guide to using TM for this purpose so I don’t keep asking questions that are easily referenced?

To run the bots via TM, you would need VEXnet Field Controller Kit - VEX Robotics (or a spare brain running the field as they did at worlds.)


My point was more that VEXCode is not a substitute for TM since it does not run matches.

TM is a piece of software that you run on your computer and which interfaces with specialized hardware which controllers plug into. It can be configured to have custom length auton and driver control times.

In place of the special hardware (and TM) you can use a manually operated Competition switch.

I think you misunderstand what the competition port is on the controller and I want to clarify this so that nothing gets damaged. The competition port on the controller does indeed use RJ45, as ethernet does, however it is not ethernet. Rather it simply operates by shorting various pins to ground. If you were to plug a controller into a network switch it might result in damage to the controller, the switch, or both.


Thank you! I misunderstand much more than that. I’ll keep learning.