Can byte grab the red block

While testing Byte, I could never pick up the red block. I was wondering if this is because of the spinning grabber design or the catching container not being big enough.

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We also could not get Byte to grab the red block. This isn’t the first time the video lied… The clawbot also cannot turn the purple dispenser by sitting beside it and doing nothing!

Remember that the Byte Trainer Build (the so-called Herobot) is not intended to be a great competition robot, but rather a starting point for a novice team. Each seson’s predesigned trainer is specifically and intentionally made to demonstrate good building technique, while having the ability to play the game at only a mediocre level. I wish the “trainer” aspect of the predesigned builds would be emphasized more, as many people seem to think the trainer should be a great robot.

The demo videos deliberately uses the trainer builds to do the impossible, so as to not influence the creative design process by showing some sort of mechanism which might cause a novice team to think that there is only one specific way of accomplishing a goal.