Can Elementary Take A Middle School Seat

We had our state competition today, but only 3 seats were taken. 1 for elementary, 2 for middle school. My state has four seats. The teams that were tied for fist in skills in my state qualified for worlds. Then my team is tied for second, and the team we tied with is already qualified. That means that we would be the ones picked for the last seat, but that is a middle school seat, and my team is elementary. Would we take that seat or not?

I don’t think so, they are two different sets of competitions. You need to talk to your RECF regional support manager and they can let you know what will happen.

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The state competition was for middle school and elementary. Also an elementary team took a middle school seat last year.

That would usually suggest that there were no more middle school teams that could qualify in last year’s competition, so they gave the spare spot to an elementary team.

If there are spare spots for Middle School, they’ll most likely be given to a middle school team. Unless there is a really good argument to happen otherwise, such as placing well in the Skill scoreboards.


So in Delmarva there are slots for elementary and slots for middle school and the slots are for that grade level. Not sure what state you are from John or what the event was. But I do know the person to sort it out is your RECF Regional Support Manager. Send them a note, they will get back to you on Monday. Good luck!


The RECF Qualifying Criteria govern these sorts of situations for competitions. In general, the main goal is for a predetermined number of teams from each grade level to advance to the World Championship.

For blended events, the qualifying criteria says:

  1. Regions that have more than one assigned VIQC Elementary School World Championship spot should make every attempt to hold a separate grade level VIQC Championship event. If the only option is to host a blended event, the elementary school spots can only go to elementary school teams. The middle school spots can be won by middle school or elementary school teams
  1. Event Region’s spots that have not been awarded are not lost. These remaining spots will be awarded using the following process.
    a. The RSM will assess how many spots are remaining in each program and grade level after the conclusion of the Event Region’s Championship(s).
    b. The World Robot Skills Standings will be sorted by Event Region, program and grade level once the last Championship event has uploaded Skills results to Note: No scores earned after the last Championship event will be considered.
    c. The highest, non-qualified team(s) on the World Robot Skills Standings, after being sorted in part b, will qualify to VEX Worlds until all remaining spots have been awarded.
    d. Steps b and c are repeated for all programs and grade levels that have remaining spots until all spots have been awarded.

So it is perfectly fine for an Elementary School team to take a Middle School assigned spot (like Design Award), but after the event, the RSM will send an invitation to the middle school with the highest skills score that isn’t qualified.

Reach out to your Regional Support Manager, and see what they say!


Yes, rather than all of us tossing ideas, ask the person that can make a final answer…


Thanks for the help!

I hope my team gets the seat, because the next highest skills score is a middle school team with 39 points, and we have 140 points.

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