Can I add this piece that I made to the top of the flag posts?

As I was assembling my field elements, I realized that with the top flag being able to be lifted off the post that could lead to flag assemblies being lost or damaged during storage, handling, or moving from one event to another. I designed a simple plug with a lip around the edge that goes into the top of the flag post and keeps the flags from being able to be lifted off the top of the post. The cap does NOT interfere with the movement of the flags in ANY way. I would like to know if these would be legal to leave on the posts during competitions?

If not, I can still use them for storage and handling. It’s a friction fit and they pull out easily. I have provided the .STL file if anyone out there would like to print one to check it out. Simple design for a simple solution for a simple problem. Printed in PLA, .4mm nozzle, .2mm layer height, 40% infill.
post topper 1.jpg
post topper 2.jpg
VEX Post (29.1 KB)

Ask in the Q&A. It probably won’t be fine during the event but between events sounds like a good idea.

All I see are the online challenges Q&A and the judging Q&A.

I can guarantee that it will not be allowed during official competitions. They don’t allow changes to the field from what they shipped out. During practices and moving fields however it sounds like a great idea!

Actually, there are changes allowed in terms of swapping a three pipe joint for the corner of the rear net assembly. You need to ask on the EP Q&A or the Official Q&A on

Also, according to referee training, you can put markers on the pole to gauge expansion height (white tape 18" off the tiles on the poles).

So the only absolute is to ask on the Official Q&A

I’ve noticed that, it would be cool if you can do this. Everyone on my team always takes off the top flags and turns them upside down. =P

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