Can I be in Vex IQ Next Year?

Hi, I’m 13 and I’m in 8th grade. Although technically I won’t be in middle school next year in the manual I’m pretty sure ill still be considered a middle schooler. In the manual this year it says “Anyone born after May 1, 2005 (i.e. who will be 15 or younger at VEX Worlds 2021)”. So I’m guessing next year it’s gonna say After May 1’st 2006. My birthday is actually May 1st, 2007. So if I’m correct I should be eligible to compete next year. Although I wont be 100% sure till next years manual comes out I think I should be eligible. Sorry if this is confusing, just want to clarify.Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 2.04.29 PM

Your interpretation is correct (assuming the manual updates like we expect)…it is based only on your age, not on what your particular school system identifies as middle school. You could, of course, be on a VRC team too.

The “age based” definition is needed because the definition of “middle school” varies from area to area, or is not even applicable for homeschool or community teams.


Thanks! Ive been in IQ since 4th grade and I was looking for anyway I could still be in it.

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It would be hard for me to leave, and im actually on a FTC team as well.

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