can I do something else with the hexbug?

I just got a hexbug alpha and all it does is walk in a circle to the left until I clap or touch the front. Is there any cool mods for it complex or easy im game. Well I cant spend any more money so it has to be a solder trick or something. Thankyou for your response in advance.

No. i got one and said this is a rip off these suck i opened myn from the box it worked for 20 sec adn then they wouldn’t let me return it.

I want to mod my hexbug but dont know how.

there’s not much moding you can do without buying other parts, these were meant to be a cool fundraiser, obviously if you were looking at this for a robotics platform you will be disappointed, having said that, they are pretty cool

if you wanna do some cheap modding go to and get a PICAXE or a PIC microcontroller, with a simple circuit these are around$10 dollars, make sure it can be powered from the HexBug, i dont have one so i cant be much more help than that :frowning:

Wow; thankyou BasicXMan for your valuble input and intructions. I will check these out right now.

BasicXMan can I get an electronic schematic for this hexbug? Not that I can do anything with it but its a starting point.

you would have to ask Innovation First but i doubt they would give you one, get a digital multimeter and probe around finding out where basic power is, the motor controller, the motor pins, you could even rip out the circuit board, put in the microcontroller and go from there…

well you gotta remember that these are made for reagular people not robotics people, they may intrest an avrage person for hours,
P.S. are they still settilg them at raido shack? I saw some there.:confused:

they are still being sold at RadioShack, i can’t think of any reason why they wouldnt be, any body who’s been to RadioShack recently…clarify?

BTW to my posts above i recommend going to SolarBotics and looking around at BEAM, the theory of BEAM robotics would be perfect to integrate into a hexbug

BTW can i get dimensions of the HexBug from someone?