Can I do the Autonomous Code without sensors?

I am new to all this VEX equipment and don’t have enough time to learn how to use it. I was wondering if I just manually make the Auton code, like for example, if I make the code, “driveright 180 degrees”, and “driveforward 200 mm.” Will that work for the competitions?

The only problem I have with this will be that if I start on the wrong side of what I coded my robot to be. If I code my robot to move forward, and then turn left for the right side of the VEX arena, I might be on theleft side during the match and instead go the opposite way.

Please help me! I’m desperate!

Manually setting degrees and distance WILL work, however, there is an extremely high chance they won’t be accurate and will need much testing and tweaking

You may notice that your code can be downloaded into different slots. You should use, for example, Slot 1 for your right-side autonomous, and Slot 2 for your left-side.