Can I download code to VEX IQ by bluetooth?

Can I download code to Brain VEX IQ by bluetooth? I use windows 10 on notebook and I have bluetooth in notebook? But program VEXcode IQ Blocks does not have this function? Please HELP!

I just searched up if it is possible but you would need the smart radio

im not sure how to actually do it but VEX has a tutorial on their YouTube channel about it so i recommend that you go and watch the video

Downloading via Bluetooth from Windows is not supported at this time. Only the iOS and Android versions of IQ blocks can download via Bluetooth at the moment.

can you give me link, i would buy smart radio, if by integrated bluetooth is bad…

this is very bad((((((.

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your best bet would probably be to get a magnetic micro USB cable to use


I think yeah. You are wright.

I already watched this video. This video helps only with android and iOS devices. ((

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