Can I download the Nothing But Net video?

The school in their wisdom blocks You Tube (for fairly obvious draconian reasons)

Is it possible to download the Nothing But Net video so I can run it locally off my laptop?

You know - this guy:

Honestly just use a website like Takes just a few seconds

This should be the NbN video download

Hi Team80_Giraffes,

The video you are looking for can be downloaded in either a Hi-Res or Low-Res format from our website at: [

Be sure to check out some of the other content on that page while you’re there!](

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Thanks. Works like a champ!

I hesitated at first and thought you may have sent me this:


Be sure to check out some of the other content on that page while you’re there!

Thanks! This helps on other things too.

One other question, can I get a access DB file or excel file of the Vex EDR parts? It could make my life a lot easier every week consolidating orders and making sure they are the correct parts.

You can see our process here.


Fill out an excel sheet with the Vex part numbers and send to your team email list so everyone on the team is in the loop. Then I consolidate them into one order for the week each Thursday. Unfortunately the data entry part for our teams is never 100% correct with part numbers and descriptions never matching up quite right.

23 teams last year ordering tons of stuff each week can take time to order. Any method of streamlining that would be very beneficial.](

At the moment, we do not have a database file similar to what you are looking for. Therefore, your best option would be to call/e-mail our sales team. Their contact information can be found on this page.

We are always looking for ways to streamline the ordering process for our customers, so they may be able to help you more than what I can through a forum post.

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I like They also have a great chrome add-on. It allows you single click downloading.