Can i expand in endgame with a motor attached to the thing thats launched out?

Want to know if it is legal to expand with a motor attached to an object going outside of the frame perimeter of 18x18x18. The cable will be connected to the motor and the motor will spin.

The rulebook does not say specifically if it is allowed and i cant find anything on it.

This should be allowed as I have seen a bot deploy a mini bot in the last 10 seconds.

If the game manual doesn’t say you can’t do something, and if that thing doesn’t conflict with something the game manual says you have to do, then it is legal.

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I actually saw someone do this at my local competition, and yes, it is legal. From what I saw, the wire length usually affects how far the motor can go, so keep that in mind while designing!

Bulk V5 smart cable is 8m long - so pretty sure you can ride around the field for a while… (Let’s hope my middle schoolers do not read the forum :frowning: )