Can i get a short description for these

i was wondering if someone can give me a short description of this bc i am doing a meeting for new members of our team so they are not confused on the role they will play on the team

Virtual Builder
Event Manager
Engineering Notebook Keeper

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Coder: Programs robot! Without the programming, the robot won’t do anything!

Virtual Builder: Designs and builds the robot digitally using CAD tools like Fusion, Inventor, or Onshape. Helps the builders to be more efficient with their building!

Builder: Construct the robot out of the physical materials using tools. Can’t program or drive if you don’t have a robot!

Driver: Drives the robot around with a video game type controller, competing against other teams! It’s like playing some weird parallel universe version of Smash Bros., on the Atari 2600, in 3D!

Event Manager? What’s this?

Engineering Notebook Keeper: Gain ultimate authority in enforcing the usage of the engineering notebook and design process! You will have great fulfillment as you win a plethora of (somewhat vaguely named) awards!


oh, that’s the person that schedules the out-of-town or in-town events that the team is going to.pretty much the event scheduler


ours is much simpler…

only 1 role available - team member



to true should do that but the principal said we had to have roles in the team but there’s only 6 people

Your principal should let you decide

right he really should

all roles should be team member, ofc you can have jobs that are more specific. One person shouldn’t be the only person designing the robot as you can all contribute to the design. But other instances like a programer should be more of a dedicated role as it requires lots of specific knowledge and needs to be learned and it can be difficult to have more than on person work on code.


most important roles (in my opinion) are the builder, and programmer. the driver and notebook keeper can be any one on the team, and you don’t always need a virtual builder. (i think the event manager is usually your teacher/ mentor but i could be wrong). also, multiple people can and should fill multiple roles, but you should have a "lead programmer’ and a “lead builder”

I could see adding the word ‘Lead’ to describe roles on a team - Lead Programmer, Lead Builder.

This implies a person that takes ownership of that part of the project but doesn’t limit other members from contributing.

For example, everyone on the team should understand the programming. They don’t all have to write the code but they should understand how it works. If the lead programmer were unable to attend an event, the rest of the team should have enough understanding of the code to be able to make and upload changes.

You want short descriptions? Here you go:

Coder → Taskmaster
Virtual Builder → Minecraft player
Builder → Lego player
Driver → Yeeter
Event Manager → El Conquistador
Engineering Notebook Keeper → Award winner


I was just offering descriptions of the jobs listed, not commentary on them.

Some of the roles are fairly redundant.

I’d probably collapse Builder and Virtual Builder into a single role and have two Builders on the team, one Head Builder and one Builder.

I’d also probably combine Event Manager and Engineering Notebook Keeper into a Team Manager type role, who can handle media, outreach, and be the Lead Scout at tournaments.

Probably double up on Coders and have a Lead Coder and Coder.

Your driver should probably be a builder or coder. Or be both. The added understanding of the robot is ultra-helpful, unless your programmers and builders are perfect and build a perfect robot. Sometimes, your robot will have a problem on the field and the driver has to understand how the robot works to get out of it. Good examples include flipping over, getting stuck on something, etc.


yea I think ill do that so there aren’t so many people asking questions on what their role is and if they have questions that they can ask the other builder or coder or team manager