Can I register for a tournament in a country if I am not registered in that country?

I was wondering if I could register for a tournament in Canada if my team is registered in the USA because there aren’t very many tournaments around us.


Yes, you can register, but no, any awards won at that competition would not qualify you for anything. Your robot skills score, however, will get posted to the global leaderboard and can be used to qualify your team in the event your ERC has unfilled spots after the last qualifying event has finished.


I believe US teams can win worlds spots from Canadian sig events, and US open spots from any Canadian event. Just not regional championship events.


You could sign up for a Canadian event, just good luck with getting past Canadian border control. I really suggest for you to do an American event, even though it might be a bit far it it would be much easier to go to an event in American then getting through border control. I mean you could still try as a last resort or if you want but I wouldn’t suggest it.

Actually Canadian border control is quite nice! I went there this summer and they asked how we were doing and didn’t cause my family any trouble. Now American border control… very rude, 2 stars.

Doing a Canadian event seems like it could be a fun excuse for a vacation, so make sure to do other stuff while you’re there if you do choose to go.


Yeah, signature event world qualifications do not depend on which region you are from, but all other events do.


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