Can I reuse my signature for a digital notebook?

I’m creating a digital notebook on google docs, and it’s a pain to write my signature every time with the drawing tool. Is it fine if I copy and paste my signature on multiple pages?

If you use it will use google slides. Just type in your name while you are authenticated with your google identity. What is happening, you are documenting to readers you have updated the documentation and Google will track the changes to the documentation by author and time stamp it.

Check the notebook rubrics to see what judges are looking for in terms of evidence …


I have already started in google docs and started signing every entry. The rubric does not say anything about signatures but last year when I did a physical notebook I signed every page, as is industry standard. The notebook says it can take form of listed names but if I do signatures, which I am, is it sufficient to reuse the same one, yes or no?

As you are fulfilling the requirement of “signing” your entries with a name, I see no reason for you to have to manually sign every page, as your signature should be similar each time anyways. However, as lacsap said, you can do what you are doing right now, or you have the option to simply type names, whichever you prefer to do. It’s up to you.


To add on to what others have said, I work for a lawyer and the courts allow us to have a picture of our signature to put on any pdf needed to be signed, so I don’t see any reason why if it is good enough for the courts, it wouldn’t be good enough for the RECF. another format that is used to signify a signature without just typing your name is to put /s/ before typing your name


Random pic from google:

With that said, you could just type your name if you want to, that’s what we do for our notebook.


Note that the old standards of Engineering Notebooks being signed has changed with the Patent Laws. See this VEX Library article.