Can I run autocad in my 2.8ghz single core PC?

Hi guys, I know the vex robotics system is focused with autodesk inventor, but since the majority of you have used autodesk in the past I’d like to ask you if my computer can handle it:
AMD 64 2.8ghz single core, 4 GB RAM DDR2 with integrated video card.

Some friends have told me I should use a lower version of autocad so I can run it better idk if that would help also.

The purpose of knowing if I can handle it is becuase I need to learn autocad in my school, thanks for reading and passing by, any help oriented to my problem is appreciated.

In my opinion, It should run on your computer. I was able to run 2013 on Windows vista with 2.5 gb of memory and a low end pentium processor. It was able to run but lagged. Your computer should be able to handle 2014 at least. 2015 recommends that you have 12gb of memory so 2014 would be the best. You could always upgrade your RAM easily to make it run better but your system should be able to handle it.

This is very true, and the system requirements are very high fro Autocad Inventor 2015. After tinkering around in the new environment and new software, there aren’t many features or tools that are very useful or needed right away, at least for a beginning CAD Designer.

You might want to stick with a lower version of Autodesk Inventor if you computer is not exactly capable of the newer versions. Good results are still achievable on older versions.