can I sell VEX parts on here?


What are the rules about selling unneeded VEX parts on here? Like 2 things.

Coach Peterson

As far as I know there aren’t any special rules regarding selling VEX parts on VEXforum. From time to time people post threads offering to sell some of their extra VEX things.


You are certainly allowed to try try - Whether you can is different question. :wink:

Whatcha got to selllll? And prices too please.


Sorry about the huge photos, not sure how to shrink them.

I have 2 large blue batteries for the old joystick remote.

New these cost $20. We used them for about 6 months but not very heavily, and only at one competition. So I would sell them for $10 each plus shipping.

And a USB cable that is grey instead of yellow like in this image. This one is still in the package. New it is $9, we would sell it for $7.

We also have the complete Round Up Game Board supplies.
Including the ladder, flags, and the 5 weighted goal bases and a full set of tubes, we used up the tape. We would take the best offer on the game board parts. They are scratched a bit but still fully functional. New the whole set was $500.

Coach Peterson

I’ll take a MWB and 4 tubes for $20