Can I still Register?

I have a quick question. I was wondering if it is still possible to register for pitching in. I have a kit from last year lying around and wanted to challenge myself to qualify for state in one month. This would be my 5th and last year in IQ and thought this would be a fun way to go out. (build robot, notebook, compete, qualify) Also there needs to be 2 drivers, correct?

Just saw in August they changed the rule and now 1 driver is permitted,

Right now if you want to go ahead, but right now it’s too late, In Georgia our states are in two weeks so I am not sure what region you are in but you need to have at least two people on your team.

Careful with this statement.

<G8> (Blue Block) The intent of point “b” in this rule is to provide flexibility for Teams who are unable to meet in a traditional capacity due to local health guidelines. As noted in the definition of “Team”, teamwork is a core tenet of the VEX IQ Challenge, and the two-Student drive team is intended to be a fundamental application of this skill. If a Team has the capacity to include multiple Students, it should also be expected that they will not take advantage of this single-Driver exception for strategic gain.

If the event or your organization has health restrictions then it can be allowed but it is not the intention to allow one-person teams.


I live in Indiana, our state is mid March. I still have about 2 weeks. So registration is still open?

Ok, thanks for the heads up.

As @Hudsonville_Robotics highlighted, the 1 driver is meant for Covid restrictions in your local area. Given the update coming to the game manual next week to further clarify this exception, as well as the town hall tomorrow that will be addressing teams taking advantage of the 1 team member exception, you would be best to go get a teammate.

There is about 4 weekends left of competition here in Indiana, so you can technically still register a new team, I would also advise you to see what competition are still open between now and the end of February as most events are already full

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