Can I use a Bluetooth Speaker as a non functional decoration?

Hello, since V5 does not support using speakers I was wondering If I could use a Bluetooth speaker to play music and count it as a non functional decoration?

I would assume any non-controversial music can be played(assuming the event organizer/head referee is ok with it)…you can probably play anything except political music, or inappropriate music(music with vulgar language, dream music, etc.)

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If it weighs too much then it would count as functional. Might have to ask though, nothing about speakers is stated

Back in the days of cortex there were rules about what could and could not be played on the speaker… I assume a similar situation with Bluetooth speakers…

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Also see this previous thread: Are Bluetooth speakers legal as decorations if they play sounds?


The most salient point about Bluetooth is that a wireless communication device that might interfere with robot to controller communication. Note for that very reason you can not have the Wifi on the V5 Vision Sensor.

If blanket rule about wireless communication device is still true today due to concerns about radio frequency interference, I would think Bluetooth devices are including.


If you’re in VEXU you can have a speaker as a functional decoration :wink:

Yes but it must not have bluetooth functionality enabled, and be used similarly to a VEX Speaker (i.e. beeping based on code response). In VEXU it is considered a non-VEX sensor and legal, but it likely is not legal for EDR.


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