Can I use a laser distance measure to set up for competition

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if I could bring a laser distance measure to set up my robot before each game, it will help make sure my robot is aiming the high goal correctly with precise distance for the 15-second auton.

Previously, we tried to align with the fence, but in many competition fields, the fences were not straight and would cause the robot to miss the goal.

I have read the manual and didn’t find anything against it, but just want to make sure.

Thanks a lot!


well if it isnt opposed in the manual then go ahead!
(until they ban it in the future)


You can, but you need to make it quick and not enter the field to do it. Head Referee will warn you to clear the field if you are unable to place the robot in a timely manner.

Next is safety aspect when using laser measuring devices - how to do propose not to inadvertently point laser in eyes. Some schools prohibit use of lasers by students in schools. There may be venue specific rules as well.


if getting lasers in the eye is a concern you can just line it up with something on the ground. there was a team in VEXU that used a laser to line up with the mobile goals last year but they had a 3d printed mount they could slip the laser in and out of before matchs

VEXU experience is very different than VRC MS.

I’ve seen middle schoolers spray each other with freeze spray - let’s just say their coach was not pleased to hear about this, more so it was a Code of Conduct violation material - coach remedied the danger. Safety first!


oh i didnt know this was MS sry was thinking it was HS

I tend to expand on safety issues as there are plenty of MS students on the forum. They can act responsibly if they know there are dangers to others.

Always best to check with your coach/mentor if unsure about using tools safely.