Can I use the 14 Match Loads Disc on the Programming Skills?

My English is poor.Sorry.

I’d like to use the 14 Match Loads Disc on the Programming Skills. Can I load all of them on the same side?Or I can only load 7 discs on the same side?

This is clearly answered in the Game Manual:

Please read the Appendix B carefully, and come back with questions that regard number of match loads available and where they are legally allowed to be introduced.

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I believe you can only have 3 discs in the robot at a time, if that is what you mean. I might be completely misunderstanding this as this is my first year.

By the way, your English is pretty good, not perfect, but close. All you need is grammar, you don’t have to apologize!

if you use preloads as match loads, you can use them on either side. So up to 9 match load depending where the preloads are placed. <RSC1.c>