Can i use the Vison Sensor to make the robot go to a block by tracking its color?

Im new as it comes to vex, but can the vision sensor be used at all to make the robot go to a block, or am i confused as to how it entirely works and it just cant do that?

I was watching this so would anyone know how i could make it do this in vex blocks? Or would this be specific only to Vex text?

Also one thing as well, how exactly do i connect a vex visionary device for when i execute my code, to my pc, because i always have to have the thing connected to a pc via usb cable, witch it cant be connceted to when its moving.

Will it just be ready to go from when i set it up in vex under devices, and just leave the cable for it to the brain?

Sadly, the vision sensor is not legal this year.

Your post is in the IQ section and links to an IQ video but your tags say Tower Takeover. Did you want to use the vision sensor in VRC (Tower Takeover) or VIQC (Squared Away)? As @Foster says, it is not legal for VIQC but it is legal for VRC.

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