Can i use this for wireless?

I have not found any post like this in the forum so here it is.

I have 4 wireless bridges.

Now i found some things called “Serial to Ethernet converters” and i was thinking that i could hook up my vex remotely using my wireless units.

Just Google serial to Ethernet converters, they are about $20 each.

This is how i would hook up my robot. (Read left to right)

1.Vex micro controller-2.Programming cable-3.Serial to Ethernet-4.Wireless bridge.

Now the wireless bridges would be set up in ad-hoc mode so they connect to each other.

On the computer it would be (Read left to right)

1.Wireless Bridge-2.Ethernet to Serial-3.Programming cable to usb port on pc.

If this would work i could have wireless connectivity and build some cool robots so please tell me what you think because i have not decided if i am going to buy these serial to Ethernet converters.

this should work, i’ll look att he modules later :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t that be huge?

I have used a similar setup to control my robot over ethernet.

It works great for control and remote monitoring, but I was never able to download a program through it.