Can moving robots by hand be an essential part of an autonomous strategy?

My rules clarification question is if it is legal for a team to use people moving the robot into the next scoring position over and over to save time and programming as an essential part of their autonomous strategy.

General rule <G16>: Handling the Robot mid-match is allowed, under certain circumstances.

It states you have to bring it back to the start, ditch the hubs, etc. … then

"This rule is intended so Teams can fix damaged Robots or help get their Robots “out of trouble.” It is not intended for Teams to use as part of a strategy to gain an advantage during a Match. If a Head Referee sees Teams strategically exploiting this rule, they may be Disqualified from said Match. "

Programming Skills Match Specific Rules state:
<PSC1> “A Team may handle their Robot as many times as desired during a Programming Skills Match.” It then tells you you have to bring it back to start etc.

PSC1 allows you to move your robot not only when it is physically stuck (like during the driver matches), but unlike in the driver matches it also allows you to move it when it simply deviates from what the player wishes it to do (ie. misses a hub it should have gotten). Of course putting back to start, etc.

HOWEVER, I am unclear it if it actually completely replaces General Rule G16 which states that “if a head referee sees teams strategically exploiting this rule, they may be disqualified from the said match.” No where in PSC1 does it state you can move the robot as a part of your strategy or to ignore that general rule either.

With the starting blocks so close to the point gathering this year, teams are incorporating human runners moving the robot to the next scoring position into their programming strategy. This seems to defeat the purpose of the robot being autonomous and in fact makes the autonomous challenge even more dependent on human interaction than the driver mode.

To me, G16 still applies with approach to strategy.

Yes, it’s a vital part of the strategy, especially for younger kids.
A 1 minute auton is a massive ask without doing some “resets” using the side of the field or other markers as datums. That’s no easy feat. I think IQ has the programming skills interaction rules about right.

The programming skills rule overrides the other rule. It is definitely part of the strategy to reset the robot in programming.

You won’t get the response you want in the forum, you need to post in the Q&A on Robot Events. Official competition queries are not answered on this forum.
However, no rules are broken by what you describe. As long as the robot is reset to a legal position and any scoring objects are removed.

Programming skills runs and Driver Skills Runs are different than matches. Kids can only pick up and move a robot that is not broken/disabled during a Programming Skills Run. Most teams use this rule to run a couple different programs during the 60 seconds allowed for programming skills runs.

totally legal