Can one have different drive team members at different VRC event -moved to Q&A

From my interpretation of the rules one can’t change drive team members within an event but how about between different events during the season.

Oops, didn’t realize there is a Q&A, will move it there.

Yes you are correct you may have different members from event to event, but within the same event. A team member can only be a member on 1 team at a single event, but can switch from event to event.

And just to add events are defined by robotevents. So HS and MS worlds are separate but different divisions in HS are the same event.

As a vexU participant I can coach one high school team and one middle school team at worlds.

Very different from my coaching of 7-8 teams at worlds last year. I even coached 2 opposing teams at once by having one foot in each alliance area. I would tell 2915 to score 3 Buckie’s and then instantly tell 2059 to block 2915 from scoring 3 Buckie’s.