Can one person be on two teams?

Does anyone know if one person can be on two teams in the same competition? One of my teammates is trying to help out another team with their judge interview, and we’re unsure if that would cost us the competition.

Showing up to another team’s judge interview is not illegal, but the judges will want to hear from the students on the team being interviewed, and you would probably help them more just by coaching and mock interviews.

I would think saying “This is X, in our organization we consider him to be cross listed as a member of both the A and B teams. It helps gives us a bit more perspective and is similar to how many companies organize themselves.” would impress the judges. I wouldn’t let X be the person talking the most during the interview but they could very well be an equal contributor.

I personally have been part of a few other teams judging interviews, it really comes down to knowing your position is at best secondary to the dedicated members.

I was also interested in this question , thanks

Make sure they don’t think you’re part of both drive teams, though.