Can one person mentor multiple teams?


I’m a high school student looking to establish a new Vex organization at my school. Based on my previous conversations with the school principal, the only people that would be able to mentor our team would have to be teachers at the school, but obviously, there are only a few teachers that are able and willing to put the time commitment to mentor a team. If we were to establish more than one Vex team at the school, is it possible for one person to mentor multiple teams? I have not been able to find an answer in the forums yet, so if anybody has experienced this dilemma and knows whether or not this is possible, that would be great to know. Thanks.

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yes, one person is allowed to mentor as many teams as they want, and this is a very common and usual thing to happen across multi-team organizations. Just be sure that all mentoring is done in accordance with the student centered policy


There is no restrictions regarding mentoring multiple teams.

Many mentors over here are mentoring multiple teams as well.


Are you asking if there is a rule in the game manual? There is none, and in fact there is absolutely no requirement that teams are affiliated with any school at all.

Assuming you are asking about the practicality of a mentor with multiple teams, it is very easy at the high school level if the teams are student-centered. If you need additional mentor/coaches,
can no parents come to the school and volunteer as mentors? Although our organization is a community team not affiliated with a school, some of our mentors have volunteered at the local high school to help out their FRC team, and they just had to get approval of the administration and a background check. You may want to dig deeper into your school’s policy.


Thank you very much for the answer, and yes, our future organization will absolutely follow these policies.

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This is just based on what our principal has said. If not a written rule, our principal probably wants someone officially affiliated with the school to lead the school team, though I can look into it further to double-check. Thanks for the answer.


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