Can pneumatic tubing be used outside of pneumatic purposes?

Would pneumatic tubing be legal for use in the intake?

Check out some videos on YouTube- 606x just released one about this exact thing.


yes. Keep in mind that the game manual tells you all the things you cannot do. if the manual does not prohibit something, it is legal.

The rules prohibit the use of pneumatic components for storage of additional air, but they do not prohibit the use of pneumatic components outside of pneumatic purposes.

So things like pneumatic tubing and the large nuts on the ends of air reservoirs are fair game for use elsewhere on your robot.


Indeed. Unfortunately, if you ask questions clarifying the very gray edge cases of legality, the gdc will likely make it illegal.

Luckily for the VRC community, pneumatic tubing for intake is legal. For now…

In the description of this video, we cited the rules that make this legal.