Can ramp up speed on smartDrive.DriveFor be controlled?

We are programming using VEX Code Pro V5 version 2.0.1.

Our robot is a 2 motor skid steer and is very rear heavy – it likes to perform wheelies when initial acceleration is too fast. Fortunately for us, it never tips over.

In our program, we setup our drive as a smartdrive using an inertial sensor.

In autonomous, when we use DriveFor at anything higher than minimal speed, we pop a wheelie and it throws our alignment off track. Can we control the closed loop parameters used by DriveFor to create a more “trapezoidal” speed profile.

I believe not. You would have to program your own custom function for this, as well as program your own custom drivetrain. @jpearman would know more about this.

No, all control for driveFor is inside the motors. You would need to write your own code for that. It sounds like the drivetrain has very aggressive gearing.


2 V5 smart motors (one on each side) with a standard 18:1 cartridge (200 rpm). It appears I will be teaching the kids the easier points of closed loop control!