Can robot be controlled by two people?

Was just curious but theres this whole partner joystick thing and I was thinking if we could do that in the upcoming competition where one person is working on positioning the pneumatic gun to shoot and shooting while the other is moving around collecting balls… this is being done on the same robot just two people with two different controllers… is this allowed and even possible?

You can control a robot by two people. As long as both people are on the same team and are controlling the same robots, it is legal. In fact, many teams use partner control to split tasks between multiple people and not just one.

With the legacy Cortex system you can use another VEXnet Joystick controller or partner controller. With V5 you can only use another V5 Controller as your second controller.

It’s definitely possible, and for some teams, it is very successful. Make sure your two drivers have a lot of practice together. It’s important that they learn to time everything right and to communicate in a match. Practice is important with one driver, but even more critical with two.

Yes. What you do is change your program a little bit. You would usually write for example, (btn6u), but if you want to program it on a second remote, you would do (btn6uXmtr2). Then you just need the partner cable and it works. That is what we are using for our robot and it is amazing!