Can RobotC be used to upgrade firmware for the new VexNet Keys?

So I got some of the new VexNet keys (2.0) and I’m looking over the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility Operating Instructions for upgrading to use them and I’m freaking out. :eek:

This Upgrade Utility process seems very complicated (for me) so I was wondering if there is an easier way to do this in RobotC ???

It really isn’t that bad.

There is a way to do this with ROBOTC but it’s more complicated than using the upgrade utility.
(Edit: I wanted to add that the reason it is currently more difficult is because ROBOTC has not been updated yet to include the new master firmware. To use a non-updated version of ROBOTC with newer firmware involves locating the new firmware from the VEX updater and allowing ROBOTC to download that version. Once ROBOTC is updated with new master firmware, downloading is just as easy as using the VEX updater).

Plugin the USB A-A cable to cortex and PC with the utility running (assuming the VEX drivers are loaded).

It will say something along the lines of pressing the “bootmode” button, push that and the cortex will go into bootload mode, there will be USB renegotiation and it will ask you to update master firmware, press the download button and wait until done. Same procedure for the joystick, use a real PC not a virtual machine on a Mac or anything as that never works well.

Okay, I appreciate the words of encouragement. After reading over the instructions a dozen times, I think I get the gist of this. Just praying I don’t brickify everything tonight in the process. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey, it looks like I got the firmware loaded without bricks being the result. New keys are working (so far). The rubber fins on these new VexNet keys seem to provide a nice snug fit. Yippee! :slight_smile:


[facepalm!] Doh!

That must have been the step I missed. I tried the utility but it would not see the cortex when I hit search. So I tried forcing the existing firmware via robot C to make sure nothing was wrong. Robot C got it right with the 323 firmware but not the utility. I even tried another A-A cable.

I moved the 4_0 BIN files into the drivers folder in Robot C and it did not pick it up. I could not find a config file editable to put this in Robot C.

Maybe I will look over the instructions and actually follow them…

James is correct, you can manually update the Master, Joystick, and ROBOTC firmware using ROBOTC. We are actually in the process of creating a wiki page to explain this process in-depth, you can find it at the link below.

Manually Updating Firmware (Cortex)

I found that you need to be a little patient with the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility. Just about the moment I was ready to give up on it, it would find the Cortex or Joystick and get to work.

Also strange: I had a computer with Windows 7 that had never (I think) downloaded the Programming Driver. When I tried to do that manually, it kept saying I had a network error and it wouldn’t download. Yet, when I ran the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility with the cortex, etc., the Programming Driver apparently downloaded or was found automatically and all went well.

Also a little confusing in the instructions is the reference to “Step i” when they really mean see “Figure i”. In retrospect it seems silly, but at the time I was jumping down to “i” in the instructions and getting a little panicky because it made no sense to me what the instructions wanted me to do.

Thanks to everyone for info and encouragement. :slight_smile:

There is a newer version for the update VEXNET utility. If I remember correctly. This through my team off for a while.