Can robots score flags by launching caps?

We got this question from a competitor: assuming the robot can somehow launch a cap, can that cap be used to score a flag?

SG7 seems to make this illegal.

Don’t give wiggle room here -

No ambiguity :slight_smile:

It’s perfectly legal for the bottom caps, however.

Still waiting to see a cap-launching mechanism.

I did not see the OP did not specify high or low.

High flag definitely illegal to use anything but a ball to toggle it, ball must not be in contact with robot.

“a. High Flags may only be contacted by Balls that are not being contacted by a Robot.”

Does this mean the only thing that may contact high flags is balls that are not contacting a robot, or the only time balls may contact high flags is when they are not contacting a robot? I think this rule could reasonably be read as the second one.

High flags may only be toggled with balls not in contact with the robot.

I do not see any other interpretation given the scope of the game given in the introduction.

If you have issues with the interpretation then go ask on Official Q&A.

I would actually side with @Anomaly on this one. The rule restricts the type of ball that might be used not what objects may be used.

Maybe G2 comes into play?

“High flags may only be contacted by…” doesn’t leave much room for other things. It’s providing a clarification to the rule before it of “Game Objects cannot be used to accomplish actions that would be otherwise illegal if they were attempted by Robot mechanisms”, which would could be construed to prevent any contact with high flags without the clarification (probably why the clarification was added).

Further, I’d say that throwing caps at speed towards the net would violate <S1> rather handily. I would certainly DQ any robot I saw doing it at a tournament that I was refereeing for, leaving only balls as appropriate objects for toggling high flags.

Again, no need, the context of the game is spelled out clearly on page 2:

If you wish to ask for an official ruling, go to the Official Q&A.

Sadness, you’re right.

However, I will agree that they could have been more thorough about it in the definitions of Toggled and other places.

Yup you’re totally right. I was just going off the original quote. :slight_smile:

I may actually use my desxorong arm to knock a cap onto my catapult, then launch it at a low flag. Just for fun. Or in a practice match that doesn’t count for anything.

Thanks everyone for the answers. We eventually found SG7 ourselves and used that ruling. For the case of the low flags, we ruled it was a safety concern due to event staff being on the other side of the net.