Can someone give me ideas for a fast way to stack cubes with the Vex IQ?

I need a way to stack as many blocks as I can in less than one minute. A 25 dollar gift card is on the line. Tell me ways to modify the front claw to be able to stack blocks fast. Thanks in advance.

One word. Youtube. Just look up “Vex iq claw” and you can find some designs for us. Anything more and we’d need a cut of the prize money lol


Double reverse four bar.


I’d like the giftcard to be for Femboy Hooters please.


Don’t flag me I just like the fish sandwiches


I’d take a look at the VRC Tower Takeover bots, maybe get some inspiration from them.

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I’d create a program to do it since their is a less chance of failure rather than sweaty hands on a controller. If this helps I’d like a 10 dollar cut.

JK hope you have fun and good luck!

Plz don’t report me for spam :frowning_face:
To clarify JK means just kidding

I have a few questions.

How much time do you have to make the robot?
Are you restricted to a claw design?
What size and weight are the cubes?
What are your restrictions for the robot design? (size, motor count, etc.)

I don’t know why but I suddenly feel very competitive about getting you that gift card. Probably because I’m starved for competition since covid started.


Ill take it into consideration. Ill probably get you a gift card.

2 weeks
Ill ask then edit it in
Ill ask then edit it in

True. the comments that I use will get a 10 dollar gift card to somewhere.

Could you elaborate?

Thanks I’ll probably use this.

Please don’t pm me. Thanks!

@DaddyChuck123- Take a look at to learn more about different mechanisms. The VRC page may have more in mechanical information.


Take a look at the 2015 IQ Highrise videos.


Thanks ill get you a gift card.

Just a word of advice, please don’t promise money or rewards for things on the forum. While the thought is appreciated, this is veeeeeerrrrrrry suspicious and will likely get you banned in the future. Just a simple like on the posts is enough. We were only joking about money.


yes, discobots for the win here!


That won’t be necessary, the fact that you won will be enough!


I appreciate the offer but instead pay it forward locally.


I don’t think if your turning to forums you have time to build a worlds like robot just do a dr4b you will get more than enough height another thing is if its timed just have a funnel type thing to bring them all to the stacking area then get going there are plenty of dr4b guides for iq so I wont link one but just count your spacing twice do a powered claw two cubes at a time is fine if you’ve already done dr4bs before try a dr6b or a hybrid for extra height and style points (i expect a 2000000% cut for you just looking at this post)

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People reading this thread be like:


Traybot, like I tower takeover… that is, if you want to go overboard. Rationally though, I would suggest the discobots style bot as shown by the video @Hudsonville_Robotics posted. Perhaps much longer though, with strong anti-tips.