Can someone help me dowload a program on chrombook

how do i download the firmware on chromebook i am having many probloms with my robot. their is also a problem with the baterry that is stuck in the computer/ brain and i have to have it fixed soon so could somebody please help me download this firmware.

Hey chill dude. The forum can take some time to give answers.

Well. I’m not an expert at using chromebooks so this is mostly speculation. You might be able to download firmware for your brain from a chromebook through vexcode blocks, which you can download here. What version you download would depend on if you are using IQ or V5. Please post what you are using (IQ or V5), and also please change the category of this thread to reflect that. Maybe IQ technical support or EDR technical support. This isn’t really website/forum support.


I don’t think you can do firmware from Chromebooks yet.

Are you using IQ or EDR ?


Is the chromebook managed?

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