Can someone help us with a gear train?

We need help with our gear train system. We need a system that will be strong enough to lift a cube in the Sky Rise competition. There are pictures of our current gear train in the attachments. Thanks. :):slight_smile:

First thing, you need a gear reduction.

Right now, you have a 1:1 gear ratio between your input (motor) and output (lift). A solid ratio I would recommend would be about 7:1, which you can get by using the small 12-tooth pinion gear on your motor shaft, and the large 84-tooth gears attached to your lift.

Secondly, the Vex shafts aren’t good for transferring lots of torque. You should probably switch from the lock plates you’re currently using and directly bolt your gears to your lift.

Finally, I would look into moving the bars that support your gear train closer together. Right now you have a lot of unsupported shaft that is prone to bending, resulting in your gears clicking.

Good luck! :smiley:

Maybe you could try using one motor on each side and use chains which means you can get a greater gear ratio and use a chain to lift.:wink:

I think they’ve probably solved their problem by now, but I’m sure they’re grateful for your help.

Nicely done.

lol thanks :slight_smile: