Can’t register specific team letter

I am on 52455A and we are expanding our program to have a second team. In the past there were two teams, A and B, but when trying to sign up the second team the letter B does not appear. My best guess for the cause of the problem is that the robot events account has switched hands in the years since. Does anyone know how to solve this (besides using another letter lol)?

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Are you trying to renew a team or make a new one because if you already made the team you have to renew it not make a new team.

Nah he’s trying to re-register a previously registered team. If you read his post you would know that.


Then in robotevents there should be a list of renewable teams like in the screen shot below. If it is not showing up on this list or it won’t let you renew it, it could already be renewed or something is wrong and I have no clue how to fix it.

Who sees what information depends on the contact information on each individual team. I could take one of my teams and put the parents of that team is the contact and remove myself. Then they would have control over that particular team and I would lose it.


Thanks for the reply. I contacted by the owner of 52455B and he is now in contact with my coach, so don’t worry about it