Can the foam discs be 3D printed?

I understand this may sound like a stupid question being the discs are made of foam and 3D printing is hard plastic, but does anyone think it would really matter too much if our team 3D printed our own discs?

yes funding is a slight problem for us at the moment so we would prefer to make our own elements before deciding to spend money.

3D print for testing sizing while waiting for foam game pieces to come in. Being rigid, they will not help answer questions about compression needed for flywheels and other launching mechanisms.

One of the high school team here has printed a couple.


Buy some tpu, I printed it in tpu and it works pretty good.

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I know it doesn’t really fit the question asked, but you can purchase 2 discs from Vex for 6.99 USD, which is decent in my opinion.

Buy two packs, get 4 discs, should be pretty ok for practice (3 disc possession limit).


I personally think that it would work great with tpu (tpu being flexible but not to flexible kind of like hard foam) I also happen to have a lot of yellow tpu so you could make it pretty accurate. Does anyone know the weight of the discs so I could try and print one with the same weight too?

The mass of a disc is 65g ± 10g


Can someone please post the file needed to print these? I want to make one for a size check. Thanks!

Go to thingiverse and search up vex spin up or something and you’ll find it.

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disc_vex_spinup.stl (15.9 MB)

From the field CAD file published officially by Vex.


Where did you find the field CAD file published by vex

Thingiverse, search ‘Spin up Vex’ and it should pop up.

Edit: I thought you said disc. My bad.

The full field CAD can be found here: VRC Spin Up Full Field & Game Element Kit - VEX Robotics


It’s a STEP file, put it into your favorite CAD (I used FreeCad - ugh… don’t judge me, gets the job done, I know it’s not a multimillion dollar shiny piece of software “industry standard” people use) extract the disc export as STL voila.

EDIT: And yes, Thingiverse thing:5383070 - it was not there when I did this, only the approximate one from 1695E before the official specs were up…