Can the search be re-indexed?


The search of forum posts seems to be lacking these days. The past few searches I tried have been lacking. Granted, I was looking for items from a few games ago. But still, calibrating line sensors should come up some place. (even in the most recent post asking about it)

Can you perform some site maintenance and re-index the search or switch to a google search for the site? I have seen other forum sites switch to Google. This is about the third or fourth time I searched for soemthing getting bubkiss form the forum search when Google is a champ at giving me what I want. I am hoping it’s a re-indexing fo the forum’s search index is what is needed. If not, can a Google based search please replace the default search?

For everyone else reading this, site directive is one of those stupid pet tricks of search engines. You can use the site directive to limit the search to just one site using site up front. Compare a few searches you have in the forum versus the Google method and you can see the difference. Example on Google search the following: calibrating line sensors

Score Google: 424 hits Vexforum search: 0


I kicked off a search re-index … we’ll see if that does the trick.

The reindex is done – looks like there are a few more results coming up for the line sensor query you were trying.