Can those who host a competition legally have you run your skills matches through the V5 controller?

I’ve heard where some competitions they are having you run your skills runs through the automated piece on your V5 controller is this legal or does it have to be run through a field controller

Generally at most competitions, the Event Partner has either a competition switch or Field Control system that you plug into when running skills. It is not generally acceptable to just use the V5 skills timer

As long as you keep it to 60 seconds it’s legal.


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We were instructed to use the skills program on the v5 controller and it runs for 1 minute exactly, so I deem it as fair game.

Best practice would be to set up field control. But I would say that using the controller would be more accurate that someone using a hand switch, and hand switches are widely used.

At one competition I had they just had a stopwatch and told us when to stop.

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