can two bots park on the same platform

Can two robots park on the middle, yellow, platform and get 6 points each. if so can two red robots park on that platform? If not what will happen in the event that two or more robots park on the middle platform at the end of the match, what will be the ruling on it. do those rules also apply to the lower red and blue platforms?

As the rules are written, there is nothing saying that it is illegal or that only 1 robot can receive the points. So (theoretically) all 4 robots could park on the center platform and receive 6 points, or all both red/blue robots could park on the same alliance platform and receive 3pts each.

If you download the app that scores the game it allows you to put all 4 robots on the middle (yellow) platform so anything goes.

I assume it would be hard to get two robots parked on the same platform and not touching the foam tiles or the alliance platform when trying to Center Park.