Can Two Robots and One Mobile Goal Balanced Count?

This feels like a “read-the-manual” answer, especially since I haven’t been able to go in-depth of it. (Mark that down on my to-do list.) But I’ve been wondering, is it possible that you can carry or pull a Neutral Mobile Goal to the Platform, balance the other side with the other robot in your Alliance, and would add 40 points for a Elevated Platform for a along with the 30 points for each robot?

It’s a long question, but hopefully this should set my strategy straight.

Please you NEED to “read-the-manual” …

It will be clear.


Saw that coming a mile away…

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definitely give the manual a thorough read, it answers these types of questions clearly, and it may clarify things you didn’t even know you’d been thinking about wrong. (the short answer is that yes, multiple goals and/or robots can be elevated at once and they are all worth points)


You really can’t have a strategy without reading the manual


Hol’up, you telling me that reading the rules teaches you what the rules are?


Teaching may be s stretch. However, it is a good starting point to getting answers to questions one might have about game play.