Can v5 beta testers compete?

Are teams that were part of the v5 beta testing allowed to compete with those parts before v5 has shipped to the public? There’s quite a few v5 beta teams in Southern California and our first competitions are coming up in a few weeks. It seems those teams would have quite an advantage at competitions with color sensors, stronger motors, batteries, etc over everyone else.

No, beta v5 materials are not competition legal.

<R5e> answers your question:

Out of curiosity is this just for Turning Point, or is this for every future competition?

In other words are V5 Beta parts useless forever more in terms of competition use.

I would assume so. Free parts are an unfair advantage, plus there may be firmware/hardware vulnerabilities that are unfixed in the beta versions.

I bet at least one team shows up to a competition with V5 Beta parts and doesn’t know they can’t use them

Not sure what your point is; if you show up to a competition without reading the rules than thats your fault.