Can VEX IQ robot use any sized spacers, team DQed for using 2 small EDR spacers?

Our team was dis-qualified and was asked to leave the event for having two the spacers shown in picture attached herewith

But two of the events allowed the same robot with all 5 kinds of spacers shown in the picture, but on 12/10 event, the inspector asked to remove all non -vex IQ spacers. Team removed all spacers (labelled 2 and 3) except the one labeled 4 in the picture (it was not an intention but was a miss). During the next inspection, inspector searched thoroughly with a flash light and found two of medium black spacers (labelled 4) on the robot and informed the team that the robot didn’t pass the inspection and they can leave.
The inspector didn’t agree to give another 3 minutes to fix the issue. It was not team’s intention to leave 2 TWO spacers on the robot, it was a miss. This was all happened before 9 am which was pretty much the scheduled time for the teams to get the check-in and inspection done.
Mr. Karthik/the concern,
Two things I would like to have clarification here:

  • Are any other sized spacers on VEX IQ functions same way as VEX IQ small spacer. Only difference is they might use 3 small back spacers instead of one long black spacer. How does this matter?
  • Event organizer and inspectors are so biased yet times, this is one example and I have been noticed this kind of behavior few time in my last 4 years as VRC/VEX IQ coach. In this case, isn’t a BAD idea to DQ the team and ask them to leave. If HOST can’t help in such situation, who does the team need to contact for immediate help as the damage was already happened and team couldn’t participate in the event after their hard work. [/LIST] The little hearts were hurt so much with this incident and I’m trying my best to heal it. Please make sure no other team gets this kind of treatment in any of the events. Thanks and appreciate your time and response.



  • The only legal parts that can be used on a VEX IQ Challenge Robot are parts from the VEX IQ product line. There are exceptions for non-functional decorations, but if the inspectors deemed these spacers to be functional, they would not be covered by the exception. I’ve quoted the applicable rules below.

    Without being at the event and knowing the full story of what happened, we cannot comment on the ruling that was issued. However, in general tournament-wide DQs of this type are only handed out in the most extreme circumstances. Typical procedure would be to ask the team to remove the illegal components, with the team possibly missing some matches if they need that much time to rectify the situation. A tournament DQ could be handed out if a team repeatedly refuses to remove the illegal components.