Can we all stop asking stupid question?

I noticed that it has been over a week since the GDC has answered any questions in the official Q&A. I looked at the questions and I am thinking we, as a community, have given the GDC members massive migraines with questions that are answered very directly from the game manual or from prior Q&A questions.

For the latter, her is a link to the Q&A database on

This link allows you to search the questions on the official Q&A by rule or definition. Many of the same questions are asked over and over again.

For the rules, please get the Vex Hub app for your Android here:

Or download the rules here:

If something is clearly in the rules, there is no need to see it in the official Q&A. So if you see it in the rules, you do not need to ask for the GDC to verify the rule. It is already in there.

Maybe if we ask a few fewer questions that are either very clear in the rules or have already been clarified in the official Q&A, the migraines will go away and they can get back to answering questions.

That is all.


+1 lol

I’m afraid this may not reach those who need it most. XD Least it’s there for us to redirect them?

At least they had enough sense to delete that question. That one was someone who accidentally posted in the wrong channel. That is not good, but what I find even worse are the ones that are near identical to previous questions or even worse than that, ones that should never be asked because they are addressed directly in the game manual with no room for misunderstanding.