Can we code the workcell in python?

Hello, i 'm tyring to convert my code or just create a code for the workcell in python…
But the conversion button of python isnt available.

Can we code the workcell in python ?
With a new text project in python, the device named “Arm” is not available.

Yes, you can program the work-cell using V5 Python, however I do not it is going to be as easy as using C++. There is no GUI for it, thus making it seem as if it can’t be done. You can do so be creating motors, and control them accordingly.

No, you cannot.

The workcell uses a C++ class called RoboticArm, there is no Python equivalent.


So the motors won’t work with VexCode Python is what you are saying? What I was saying was that you can, but it is not as elegant as simply using C++. Yes, I am aware of the class only in C++, but If OP insists on using Python, it can be done (source: I’ve done it), but again, it is not as easy as using C++. You would do so by making each motor, as if they are any other motor, then controlling them that way. This is not the recommended, nor nice way to do this though.

The RoboticArm class implements lots of inverse kinematic calculations so, while you are technically correct in that individual motors can be controlled, it’s impractical to try and use it that way. There’s a good chance the workcell arm would be damaged by moving past hard limits etc. In the context of the original question related to the “Arm” class, we cannot do that in Python and VEX does not support the use of Python for the workcell.