Can we get into the field to set up our robot?

Are we allowed to get into the field to set up our robot? We have a judge who keeps on saying we can’t get into the field, but it says nothing about this in the rulebook or in the official Q&A (We asked about this in the Q&A today.) We have a state competition coming up on 4/16/21 so the sooner the better. Thanks!

what exactly do you mean by "get into the field*?

do you mean walking on the field itself to position your robot? While its not illegal by the manual, many event partners prefer teams to not actually stand on their fields, as this can potentially dirty/damage them, or possibly slow down the matches. Besides, I really can’t think why you wouldn’t be able to set up your robot from the outside reaching in. If an event partner really doesn’t want you to stand on their fields, best just to accept that and set up your robot from the outside.

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To set up our robot properly we actually have to stand in the field. I don’t think that the event partner has a problem with it because at the end of a match we get into the field (with our shoes on) to set up the field after a match. It is just the referee who says that he doesn’t think we can get into the field to set up our bot.

At our events the roboteers are to not enter the field or touch the elements other than the preloads. We have reset people that reset the field. The preloads have a mark on them, they are cleaned and put outside for teams to load.

And to be clear, it’s not a judge, but a referee that is not letting you do that. You can escalate it to the Head Referee and then Event Partner. To be honest, it’s most likely part of the event’s Covid Policy. So the EP is going to tell you “No”, or possibly “No, and let me help you pack your robot up”.

Remember a lot of people are putting themselves at risk to let you participate at a “Face to Face” event.

Why not build a template / pattern that you can place on the field from the outside and set your robot. You have two days to figure it out. Good luck at your event!


The ref’s in my area don’t care if we enter the field (None are raised) but they are strict about not touching game elements.


Similar to what’s been said, you need to learn how to set your robot from outside the field, if you qualify for worlds in future seasons they definitely won’t let you set up like that.
Secondly, please only step onto the field with socks, your shoes are one of the dirtiest parts of your clothing and you’re tracking that directly into the field.
Thirdly, we always appreciate when a team member stays back to help reset, but as @Foster said, this may be extremely risky with covid. Along with the fact that resetting the field usually doesn’t cut into time, but the longer it takes to set up your robot does.


Ok, we do have a template and we can set up everything from the outside, the only thing is that we were allowed to go inside the field and double-check if everything was good last year, but I understand why we wouldn’t be able to do it this year. Thanks so much for your quick replies!


You should have no need to enter any season unless asked to help by EP or staff.

If EP runs event where you are not to enter fields - don’t. Also, do not reposition game objects once set up by event staff - if you have an issue with position game object or field element, you bring it to the attention of the referee staff. This is not specific to covid.

Teams are to place your robot in proper starting position (no need to enter field) and place your preload. Everything else about the field is the responsibility of the head referee.


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