Can we go on the yellow platform for autonomous

we are pretty sure you can’t go on the yellow platform for autonomous but double checking. Can we go to the yellow? It is past the white line?

The rules explicitly say that you are not allowed to become center parked during the autonomous period.

No. The yellow platform is off-limits in auton. You will forfeit the auton bonus by climbing it.

You cannot be scored as parked on the center platform, but you can be on it provided that some part of your robot is touching your alliance platform or the foam tiles/white tape.

You cannot during a match. You can, however, high park during autonomous skills.

Legend has it that if all forumgoers read the Game Manual, half the posts would disappear.

Does that legend specify if it’s just the threads, or the actual individual posts?

I don’t know man. It’s a legend. Probably open for interpretation?

I think its a myth.

easier said than done…

You are able to go on the yellow platform, as long as you are not considered center parked. With our autonomous, it has a time where the majority of the robot is on the center platform. But luckily there is always two wheels on the alliance platform so the robot doesn’t get counted as center parked.