Can we use game elements from past challenges as part of the robot?

We’d like to know if we can use a game element from a past season as a part of our robot, specifically the top part of the goal from the 2020-2021 challenge

I believe that this piece is allowable to use, as we had a team do it a few years ago and they never got in trouble. No idea about other elements, and I would double check with someone else, because I don’t want to hunt through the rulebook right now. Bottom line: tentative yes.

Edit: grammer

Certain field elements are legal for use because they classify as a legal sheet of polycarbonate. It has nothing to do with them being field elements.


Thanks. I had suspicions that there was some limiter, but didn’t know if it was just polycarb or if we could use, say, tubing. Makes sense.

Legality of old field elements use in the robot is limited to what the rules say of everything else. Like as for polycarbonate it is legal but still has to abide by the limitations of polycarbonate as stated in the rulebook.


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