Can we use hardware store tubing for pneumatics

Vex is out of pneumatic tubing 275-0447. I can’t find it in the rules, but are we allowed to use the same size clear tubing that you can get at a hardware store?

Do the work - what does the game manual say and what does the Q&A say?

Come back with your findings.


Here’s a hint, you’re looking in Section 3 in the game manual.


Y’all must be teachers. lol

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I saw the rule, but does it mean that commercially available items can be used to only bundle pneumatic tubing, or that commercially available tubing can be used? It’s not clear. Thus my post.
R8-F: Commercially available items used solely for bundling or wrapping of 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire, or V5 Smart Cables, and pneumatic tubing are allowed.
I also see under Version 2.4 - February 1, 2021 for Vex U.
Updated Appendix C to add tubing to the list of legal pneumatic items.
I see no other place that explicitly says commercial tubing is allowed or not allowed. Hoping someone can clarify. Thanksamil.

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Look at this Q&A answer and see if that helps.

All I did was type pneumatics in search of Q&A…

not so hard.


Ah. Thank you, lacsap. I was searching for “tubing.” I’m also low vision so I miss stuff like this easy. This answers my question.

no worries - this season is rough in terms of parts supplies. For pneumatics - Andrew Elfman WPI had posted a list of suitable equivalent parts and suppliers.

Thanks to @Andrew-GOATS team for having this resource!

My spreadsheet that Lacsap linked has the links to almost every part that is currently in the vex kits and were to directly buy them from SMC. It has links to get black tubing in 20, 33, 100 or 500 meters. I’d suggest getting around 20-33 meters. 33 meters should last a team 3 or more seasons.