Can we use more that one 12" by 24" of plastic?

Hey, quick question! Can we use more than one 12" by 24" of plastic. We’re building a basket so we can throw cubes to the other side of the fence.


Nope, all plastic must be under .07in thick and has to be cut from a single 12 by 24 sheet

Dang it @Rick TYler got me

@JustinM @Rick TYler Is there a place that we can buy plastic that size? has both ABS and polycarbonate of that thickness.

Non-functional decorations are not included in that single 12"x24" sheet of plastic. My team uses poly-carbonate to protect our decals in a purely decorative way and have more than a single 12"x24" sheet. You can also buy a 4’x’8 sheet and cut it into smaller 12"x24" sheets

bodecker has good prices on larger orders of plastic.

I was wondering, could you have a combination of abs and lexan that fits within the 12 x 24? Like could you have 12 x 12 lexan and 12x12 abs?

Generally yes but I am not sure of different types.

We have had many scraps from different pieces of polycarb on robots so we did not have to buy and cut fresh pieces. It was small enough to obviously be less than 12x24.

The wording of the rule may be tricky though. But you could take it as a virtual 12x24 area. That’s a good clarification to ask! That could be a real amalgam of a sheet with different plastics. So say half polycarb, half nylon.

To ensure inspection at an event goes smooothly, I would suggest having a drawing showing how all your plastic pieces could be arranged on a 12" x 24" rectangle.

There was an NbN Q&A about this, and Karthik ruled using multiple plastics as legal. I’m on my phone right now, so I can’t find it, but it’s there.

It’s the plastics of different types that I worry about as they would not be a single sheet.

Here’s the official response:

Here’s the Q&A I referenced earlier:

Yee ha! Pragmatism comes through again! Thanks Karthik.

You are actually allowed to have lexan bigger than that! If you reach above the 12" x 24" limit, then the lexan pieces that is above that limit must be non-functional decoration (Protection with lexan is functional, not non-functional.) So if you are using it to build a basket, then it is functional. So that answer is no since you will be using it for functional use. Maybe try metal plates if you run out of lexan???