Can you add turning point flags to your robot?

With turning point now over I have realized that they flag is made out of clear plastic. I was wondering if you could put that in your robot for decoration or to be a working part of the robot.image

Though they aren’t currently allowed, your best bet would be asking the q and a when it releases.

Why not?

< R9 > A limited amount of custom plastic is allowed. Robots may use non-shattering plastic from the following list; polycarbonate (Lexan), acetel monopolymer (Delrin), acetal copolymer (Acetron GP), POM (acetal), ABS, PEEK, PET, HDPE, LDPE, Nylon (all grades), Polypropylene, FEP; as cut from a single 12” x 24” sheet up to 0.070” thick.
a. Shattering plastic, such as acrylic, is prohibited.
b. Plastic may be mechanically altered by cutting, drilling, bending etc. It cannot be chemically
treated, melted, or cast. Heating polycarbonate to aid in bending is acceptable.


I don’t think they are the right thickness, but I could be wrong. Also since the colors are the exact same as alliance colors it might be a violation of < R12e> which talks about vision sensor interference.

Definitely a Q&A question.

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You aren’t allowed to use competition products or apparel on your robot, so it’s illegal until clarified by the q and a

Edit: it is stated in the clarification for R5

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0.065" as I measured, so within legal tolerances.

I would normally agree, but the game elements aren’t red or blue this year. The green from the flag is the only thing I’d be worried about.

I would argue your interpretation of this rule as incorrect. Here is the exact part you are referring to.

< R5 > Robots are built from the VEX EDR system. Robots may be built ONLY using official VEX EDR components, unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules. Teams are responsible for providing documentation proving a part’s legality in the event of a question. Examples of documentation include receipts, part numbers, official VEX websites, or other printed documentation.
a. Products from the VEXpro, VEX IQ, or VEX Robotics by HEXBUG product line cannot be used for Robot construction, unless specifically allowed by a clause of or cross-listed as part of the

VEX EDR product line. For example, the Rubber Shaft Collar (228-3510) is a VEX IQ component
that can be found on the VEX EDR “Shafts & Hardware” page, and is thus legal: https://www.
b. VEX IQ pins and corner connectors used solely for the purpose of attaching VEX Team Identification Number Plates are permitted.
c. Official VEX EDR components which have been discontinued are still legal for competition use. Teams must be cognizant of if attempting to use a discontinued part.
d. Any parts which are identical to legal VEX parts are permitted. For the purposes of this rule, products which are identical in all ways except for color are permissible. It is up to inspectors to determine whether a component is “identical” to an official VEX component.
e. Components obtained from the V5 beta program, including V5 beta firmware, are not legal for competition use.
i. All V5 beta hardware can be identified by its lighter gray pre-production color. Robot Brains, Robot Batteries, Controllers, and Vision Sensors from the V5 beta have a “BETA TEST” stamp on them. Smart Motors and Radios do not have this stamp, but can still be identified by color.

Using VEX apparel, competition support materials, packaging, or other non-robot products on a VEX
Robotics Competition Robot goes against the spirit of this rule and is not permitted.

Notice the “this rule” part. R9, which allows limited use of plastic sheets, is separate from R5. R9 has to do with only using VEX EDR components. Plastic sheets are not a VEX EDR component.

Additionally, G3 would say that legal plastic is legal plastic, no matter the source. It would make no sense to apply this rule, as I could simply buy a piece of plastic the size of a flag, and print the flag art onto it, and it would be completely legal.


I think this is the real clarifier that yes they are legal. (But don’t take this as official lol)

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The overall best solution is to just ask the q and a.